Monday, July 17, 2006

The Wild Wild East

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That's right! The AL East is the most competative division this year in baseball. It is virtually up for grads between 3 teams. What is that you say? I thought only Boston and New York were good in that division. Well don't forget about those pesky Blue Jays. Toronto has been somewhat quiet this year since they have no led the division. But they still have a legitimate MVP candidate who has plenty of offensive help and a perenial Cy Young candidate leading the staff. They are only 4 1/2 games back right now and I see them taking advantage of a Red Sox and Yankees shootout. With 3 teams competing for one playoff spot, this could be fun.

Now some of you National League fans are probably screaming right now that the NL West is the most competative division. And I see a legitimate cause for such thoughts. However I am going to redefine competative to mean in terms of the entire major leagues and not just intra-division. Inside the NL West it is closer than Randy Galloway to the race tracks. Outside the NL West they hardly crack the top half of the pros.


Mad Rappin EW said...

That was low Jordan. All I have to say is that before this year is was pretty dead even with interleague play so this AL being better than the NL thing is really a recent phenomenon. I think we all know that the all star game doesn't really prove anything.

I would say all 3 AL divisions are close right now. You have 3-4 teams in contention in the AL West, 2 in the AL Central and 3 in the AL East. I think the White Sox will win their division and the Tigers will win the wild card over the AL East teams.

III said...

Can Detroit really keep this up? I'm not sure. I saw the Sports Guy talk about this the other day. Kenny Rogers always fades down the stretch. Verlander has never pitched 200 innings in one year. Their bullpen is very shaky. Some of their hitters have been playing over their head. They're due for a slump any moment now.

I wouldn't rule out 2 teams coming out of the AL East again quite yet ...