Monday, April 28, 2008

Gems on the Road

I have spent most of the past 2 weeks at the opposite end of the country. This has been frustrating in some respects, but there are some things that I enjoyed.
  • Mongolian Barbecue - Oh yes this stuff is good. I tried out BDs Mongolian Barbeque and it was great. I was a bit overwhelmed by the options that were presented, but I managed to get a great bowl of food. I think I combined chicken, 2 kinds of steak, broccoli, corn, and carrots with 3 or 4 different sauces. For all practical purposes I stumbled upon a good recipe. Thankfully they have recipe cards to suggest proven combinations of taste. Don't rush your decisions at the food line.
  • Late night reruns of early 90s cheesy shows. I caught an In Living Color episode that introduced a new Texas guy named Jamie Fox. I saw a magic show involving jugglers impersonating comedians. I think that I even saw an America's Funniest Home Videos. Boy do I know how to live on the edge.
  • During one of the weeks I was given a Chrysler Sebring convertable. I figured that I could drive a car that was cool enough for Michael Scott. I did not like this car one lick. The Hyundai from the next week had much more get up and go on it. The Sebring also has a low ceiling in the front that makes it nearly impossible to see traffic lights.
  • I rediscovered why I loved Baseball Tonight on ESPN. I could watch this show for hours if and only if they still had Harold Reynolds. Boy do I miss that guy.
  • Applebees has a Quesadilla Burger. Oh yah! This thing is very very good.
  • Because Detroit is the auto capital of the world and Daimler bought Chrysler, I got German stations at the hotel. What a strange strange language they have. Makes for a good alarm clock in the morning.
  • I drove by a place called Tim Horton's every day. Never stopped to eat there, but I bet its good.
  • Airport's built during the age of heavy national smoking have not aged well. That burnt yellowish color on the walls just wreaks of the 70s.
  • I turned on my MP3 player somewhere over the Mississippi River and picked up an Oldies station playing the Beach Boys at 34,000 feet. Way to go KLOU 103.3
  • While I was gone my Mother-in-Law decided to spoil my puppy. Now it just rolls over on its back and waits for you to pet it.
  • I caught glimpses of the Chrysler test track. I wanted to take the rental car up there soooo bad. It was unused every time that I drove by.