Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pure Genius

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I read an interesting article on how it is near impossible to stop the forces of the market. One of the prime examples used was the former Soviet Union and its many black / gray / off-white markets. However, this story applied to public schools that ban junk food. This smart kid is making 100 bucks a day selling junk food at school! According to the article:
William Guntrip is a 13-year-old boy whose central England school banished vending machines and snack-shop food in favor of nutritious offerings at the cafeteria. Guntrip spotted a market opportunity and has been buying soft drinks and candy and reselling them in his school playground. The school is trying to stop him and claims that most students are happy with the new regime, although if that was true then Guntrip wouldn't be making nearly $100 a day.
Here's two thumbs up for William! Way to stick it to the man.

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Mad Rappin EW said...

I once traded my blah healthy sandwhich my mom packed for me every day for lunchables. Sucker!

That's pretty similar, right?