Thursday, July 13, 2006

Video Game Re-Runs

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Microsoft is giving XBox360 users the ability to download old games on the new system. The folks over at gamasutra have part of the release schedule:
  • July 12 – Frogger

  • July 19 – Cloning Clyde

  • July 26 – Galaga

  • August 2 – Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

  • August 9 – Pac-Man

I havn't been this excited about a Tiger Uppercut in a long time!


III said...

Ahhhhh, Street Fighter. I wasted at least 2 summer vacations with that beloved video game.

You know, maybe something's wrong when you think back fondly about video games as you would a past summer fling ...

Jordan said...

Count me in on that one. I remember the summer of 93 and SimCity. '94 and Super Tecmo Bowl... How bout that Christian Okoye! The summer of 95 was NBA Live 95. I will never forget Madden 97. Mario Tennis was an on again off again that I never seemed to be able to let go.