Friday, September 28, 2007

The Big Weekend

This is an excellent weekend to be a pro sports fan. The college lineup is a little week, but the MLB and NFL are as exciting as ever. Here once again on record are the things that I know will most likely happen if everything goes my way.

Let's start with baseball and the exciting pennant races that are going on right now. Being an American League fan, I have long since figured that everything was aligned back in August. However the National League is up for grabs. So a couple of notes...
  • I predicted the AL standings to a T 6 months ago
  • I am always modest
  • The Cubs will win at least 1 game and the Brewers will lose at least 1 game, therefore clinching the playoff berth for the Cubs.
  • The Padres and Diamondbacks will tie for the top of the NL West and spoil the Rockies feel good story.
  • This will cause the following rule to be invoked:
    In the event of a tie in the standings at the close of the regular season, league rules provide for a one-game playoff (with the home field determined by coin flip) to determine which of two teams participate in the Division Series. If three teams are involved in a tie, a two-game playoff may be played. If two teams are tied, but a tiebreaker would result in both participating in the Division Series anyway (due to one being division champion and the other being wild card), then no playoff is played and seedings are determined by head-to-head record.
  • I want the Phillies to win the East, but I think the Mets will not choke enough to make it happen. (And yes I know that is not the popular consensus)

Since I am a big Dallas Cowboys fan, I will always make a prediction for their game and at least 2 other games. So for week 4 of the NFL:
  • This is an obvious pick for a Cowboys win, which is exactly why many people are scared of this game. I would be too, but I think the lack of Steven Jackson will allow the defense to really attack the quarterback. I expect the secondary to give up a couple of big pass plays, but overall contain the Rams. I see the boys putting up pretty good number on them so this game should go well.
    Dallas Cowboys 34, St. Louis Rams 17
  • The big game of the week is the Vikings vs. the Packers. This is definitely a battle of good defenses. This game should come down to who has more sacks, interceptions, and big stops. I would personally rank Minnesota slightly higher than the Packers on the defensive depth chart. However, Green Bay has a definite offensive advantage. If they can contain the Viking running game, as I expect them to do well enough, than they take this game.
    Green Bay Packers 24, Minnesota Vikings 13
  • And finally, I have to check out the Colts and Broncos. This has the most intriguing match ups with the wide receivers of Indianapolis going against the defensive backs of Denver. This game should highlight how well Joseph Addai really is. Watch for the Colts starting out with a strong running game and then exploiting holes in the Denver defense when they try to plug up the line of scrimmage. The status of John Lynch will have a huge impact upon the game. The Broncos will have to utilize their potent air attack to best the Colts in this game.
    Indianapolis Colts 23, Denver Broncos 20

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

View From the Political Sidelines

Its been a while since I threw out any political observations, but I will attempt to keep this current.

  • I watched a News Radio episode the other day from 1998. Bill McNeil (Phil Hartman) sings political songs from the day and mentions that Fred Thompson thinks its bunk that Bill Clinton had the Lincoln Bedroom up for rent.

  • Sometimes we take our freedom for granted in America. Its scenes like the one in Burma of monks protesting that remind us that not everyone enjoys the simple basics of life.

  • As of this morning the UAW and GM are back on speaking terms. You hardly need to spend much time with me to know that I think 99% of unions are out-dated and corrupt. The UAW and its hold on the industry here are why foreign car companies are easily beating out our national brands. It is sad to see these 2 entities entwined so tightly, because I fear that it will be the downfall of both groups.

  • Since we are still over a year away from a presidential election, I will not call this race a done deal. I frankly think people are starting to get "election weary" already. Even if you like the person, they have been out there too long at this point.