Saturday, October 25, 2008

AOMB: Posing

Today Mollee and Buddy both got a bath. So we decided to capture the moment before they decided to get back to normal. Here is the result of our coaxing them to pose for you!

And this is what happened when I asked them to make a goofy face.

Capturing Nature

Most people that I know are very proud of their photographic abilities. I am by no means an expert and I certainly don't have professional equipment. However, Kimberlee and I are quite proud of the picture below.

While on vacation, we visited the Daniel Stow Botanical Garden outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. This relatively new garden has plenty of room to grow. They have a special orchid conservatory that was housing hundreds of butterflies. Naturally, we tried to take a picture of every single one. First up, the butterflies...

Next up, the orchids!

And the rest of the garden...

Symetry... I love it!

The biggest wild spider that I have ever seen.

The weirdest flower that I know of.

The best scenery of the day!

This feels like a scene from The Secret Garden.

A water spout that shoots over a path? You bet I am all over that.

I am quite brave. Look how close I got to this bee.

Catching Up

Like most people out there, I have been busy. So busy that I forgot to blog for a while. Therefore tonight is catch-up night. I considered doing one gigantic post, but I think that things should be separate. I hope that you enjoy the next few posts.

First off, back at the beginning of the month Kimberlee and I visited Luke, Rebecca, and Micah Adams in North Carolina. We had a great visit and got to celebrate Rebecca's 28th birthday. As you can see below, I worked hard on the candle arrangement. She and Kimberlee have been friends since college. Rebecca is one tough cookie. She isn't going to beat anyone up, but she has fought hard of late against cancer. The dreaded chemo is finally over and she has surgery coming up. Please pray for her.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

AOMB: Love At First Sight

So the old heading of AOM has to be revised to AOMB. Why? Because we now have Buddy!

We adopted him last night from a local rescue group. His is still a puppy and is feisty enough to put up with Mollee's antics. If the first 24 hours are any indication, he will be a great playmate for her. And before you ask, both of them have had their special surgeries so there should be a zero chance of puppies. Now he looks an awful lot like Mollee. The easiest way to tell them apart is that he is solid black on he back and she has white streaks. Their eyes also look different. The following are from last night.

Buddy was initially confused about his new surroundings.

They got to know each other by rolling around on the floor.

Mollee then spent the rest of the night jumping on him and playing as much as possible.

They have both decided that the thing that they most want is what the other one has. Mollee in this picture is not sure what to make of him chewing on her rawhide.

In the end, they both want attention. Buddy is on the right and Mollee snuck in on the left.