Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not Above The Law

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The Court system and namely Chief U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan did the citizens of the united states a great service yesterday. He upheld that politicians are not above the law once they take office. He ruled that a legal subpoena is not null and void if you are a congressman. According to CNN.com:

Jefferson's theory of legislative privilege "would have the effect of converting every congressional office into a taxpayer-subsidized sanctuary for crime," the judge said.

I was particularly disgusted that members of both political parties supported this immunity. I guess I should not be surprised, but I thought one or both parties would stand up with some sort of high and might tune and denounce corruption. Instead they both acted like they themselved had something to hide in the process. Again according to CNN.com:

At issue was a constitutional provision known as the speech and debate clause, which protects elected officials from being questioned by the president, a prosecutor or a plaintiff in a lawsuit about their legislative work.

So are you argueing that being corrupt and taking money on the side is part of your 'legislative work' ? Give me a break.

On a lighter note ethics sometimes seem to mirror the following cartoon:


Mad Rappin EW said...

Yeah when an issue isn't in the news and they know it won't cause them to lose many votes most Democrats and Republicans will just do what's best for them via bribes, protection or whatever else benefits them. Some independents or moderates will stand up for what's right on issues like these but even then most of them only do it for political gain. When voting I never truly believe the candidate is going to stand for all I believe in, I simply do my best to vote for who I think is the lesser of two evils, who has the best chance to stand up for the one or two issues that matter most to me.

Btw is it just me or does the senator in the comic look a lot like Ted Kennedy?

III said...

You're right, E-dub. Actually, at first I thought the 'toon politician was a charicature of a fat Bill Clinton.

I find that as I grow older I am growing more cynical about politics. I do still believe that there are noble people in Washington. It's just that they are SO hard to identify.

Good post, JP.