Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Uncommon Knowledge

Today I want to highlight an excellent program that is free online. The show Uncommon Knowledge is run by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. This show reminds me of the American Studies lectures that I heard throughout college. Each episode is 5-8 minutes in length and is in the question and answer format. The topics of conversation are usually centered public policy and more specifically politics.

Peter Robinson is the moderator and does an excellent job of phrasing questions in a way that encourages the guest to share his or her vast knowledge and expert opinions. He is a former Reagan speech writer and author who now works at a policy think tank.

Interview with Andrew Klaven - This accomplished author talks about his distaste for empty religion and how he came to an atheist view of the world and then how he found his faith. I am extremely impressed by his gifted way to articulate his faith from an outsider's point of view, meaning someone who wasn't born into their current beliefs. I think that you will find this interview very interesting, I find it fascinating.

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I'm glad you've enjoyed Uncommon Knowledge. Thanks for blogging about it. I work with the show to help get the word out online both by contacting bloggers and by blogging about the show. You can find the show's blog over at

If you ever have any thoughts about a particular episode, we'd love to post them (or cross post them if they're already on your blog) on The Uncommon Knowledge Blog. You'd be named as a guest blogger and we'd link back to your blog.

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