Monday, August 14, 2006

Round Up

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It's time for the Cowboys to kick it in to high gear. It is once again football season and the spirit around town is that it is about time. Saturday night kicked off a new season that is already full of controversial water cooler topics. The Tony Romo debate is in full swing and I for one am on his side. I am ready for a new franchise quarterback, but I am not sure how ready Jerry Jones is.

Baseball has been dragging on, and with a team constantly doing its best not to be in first place, most people have given up on the season. The Rangers are only about 5 games out, but I would be surprised to see them make that up. They have had several good signs of late and I think that the team looks promising for next year.

The PGA Championship starts on Thursday and should be pretty good. The fact that Tiger is back on his game makes it even more appealing to watch. I am going to be one of the < 1% of America that thinks a guy not named Tiger or Phil will win it... we will see how that pans out.


III said...

I'm SO looking forward to Tiger vs. Phil. I hope Phil is up for it. And really, I wouldn't mind seeing him get the best of Tiger for ONCE if they go toe-to-toe on Saturday or Sunday.

Mad Rappin EW said...

I'm hopin Romo wins out too. I think if they leave it at Bledsoe T.O. will be complaining by the second or third game if he isn't getting enough passes his way.

If the Cowboys are good enough this year I could become a bandwagon fan :-P

David Johnson said...

The only thing the Rangers look like they're gonna need for next year is (with the exception of maybe one more starter) a better bullpen. I can't believe they had a sub-5.00 ERA this year.