Thursday, July 07, 2011

Saber Answer to 3000 Hits

3000 hits is always a fun topic. Does it mean anything or is it arbitrary? I decided to come up with a new stat to judge hitters by: Plate Appearances times On Base Percentage. This combines longevity with performance. How does this redefine our top hitters? Currently 27 players have 3000 or more hits. If we sort by PA * OBP, we have to show 76 players to see those 27.

RankNameHHit RankOBPPA * OBP
1Pete Rose425610.3735929
2Barry Bonds2935320.4445599
3Ty Cobb418920.4235532
4Rickey Henderson3055210.4005343
5Carl Yastrzemski341960.3795304
6Stan Musial363040.4155282
7Hank Aaron377130.3735205
8Tris Speaker351450.4164998
9Babe Ruth2873400.4684978
10Eddie Collins3315100.4064891
11Willie Mays3283110.3834791
12Ted Williams2654710.4814714
13Mel Ott2876390.4094648
14Eddie Murray3255120.3594606
15Frank Robinson2943310.3884561
16Craig Biggio3060200.3604505
17Honus Wagner341580.3834503
18Rafael Palmeiro3020240.3704460
19Paul Molitor331990.3664460
20Wade Boggs3010250.4134445
21Cap Anson341870.3914433
22Joe Morgan2517910.3904422
23Cal Ripken3184140.3394379
24Dave Winfield3110190.3524351
25Al Kaline3007260.3744339
26Gary Sheffield2689630.3924299
27George Brett3154150.3684283
28Paul Waner3152160.3974281
29Lou Gehrig2721570.4424274
30Frank Thomas2468990.4194222
31Ken Griffey Jr.2781480.3694174
32Mickey Mantle24151120.4194161
33Robin Yount3142170.3394156
34Derek Jeter2997280.3804125
35Jimmie Foxx2646720.4254111
36Rod Carew3053220.3884096
37Charlie Gehringer2839450.3984075
38Alex Rodriguez2762500.3854069
39Luke Appling2749520.3964062
40Reggie Jackson2584810.3554055
41Rusty Staub2716580.3604050
42Chipper Jones2562850.4034020
43Rogers Hornsby2930340.4234016
44Manny Ramirez2574830.4104012
45Jim Thome22391600.4034007
46Tim Raines2605750.3833977
47Tony Gwynn3141180.3863955
48Jesse Burkett2850420.4113954
49Harold Baines2866410.3553942
50Omar Vizquel2831460.3303898
51Nap Lajoie3242130.3723892
52Dwight Evans24461080.3683890
53Darrell Evans22231670.3593863
54Luis Gonzalez2591790.3663857
55Jeff Bagwell23141380.4073843
56Fred McGriff2490960.3763834
57Lou Brock3023230.3413833
58Mike Schmidt22341620.3793820
59Richie Ashburn2574830.3913815
60Roberto Alomar2724560.3653806
61Billy Williams2711610.3613799
62Eddie Mathews23151370.3743785
63Max Carey2665660.3513782
64Bobby Abreu23421270.3993771
65Brooks Robinson2848430.3193761
66Sam Rice2987290.3663751
67Sam Crawford2961300.3533744
68Goose Goslin2735540.3803739
69Jake Beckley2930340.3563729
70Tony Perez2732550.3403700
71Fred Clarke2672650.3763699
72Harmon Killebrew20862220.3753693
73Harry Hooper24661010.3593678
74Johnny Damon2662680.3523663
75Bill Dahlen24571050.3523661
76Roberto Clemente3000270.3583656
77Frankie Frisch2880380.3603639
78Willie McCovey22111710.3743625
79Edgar Martinez22471590.4173619
80Zack Wheat2884370.3613611
81Todd Helton23181360.4223605
82George Davis2660690.3553605
83John Olerud22391600.3973602
84Chili Davis23801170.3593589
85Lou Whitaker23691200.3593586
86Willie Keeler2932330.3733585
87Eddie Yost18633320.3893576
88Al Simmons2927360.3753572
89Ozzie Smith24601030.3303565
90Harry Heilmann2660690.3963556
91Mark Grace24451090.3823554
92Brett Butler23751190.3713542
93Julio Franco2586800.3633541
94Nellie Fox2663670.3403524
95Roger Connor24671000.3963507
96Mickey Vernon2495950.3553499
97Willie Randolph22101720.3683491
98Rabbit Maranville2605750.3093483
99Andre Dawson2774490.3223474
100Dave Parker2712600.3383451

So who wins using this system? Well, Barry Bonds, Rickey Henderson, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams all move up. Not bad at all.

Who loses? Roberto Clemente (twice as many strikeouts as walks), Lou Brock (over 1700 strikeouts)

So using that stat... hitters with a PA*OBP > 4500 would be:
  1. Pete Rose
  2. Barry Bonds
  3. Ty Cobb
  4. Rickey Henderson
  5. Carl Yastrzemski
  6. Stan Musial
  7. Hank Aaron
  8. Tris Speaker
  9. Babe Ruth
  10. Eddie Collins
  11. Willie Mays
  12. Ted Williams
  13. Mel Ott
  14. Eddie Murray
  15. Frank Robinson
  16. Craig Biggio
  17. Honus Wagner

Not a bad group to be in.

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