Friday, July 08, 2011

Saber Answer to 300 Wins

Yesterday I took on the 3000 hits plateau. Today, 300 wins. Trying to smooth out longevity and performance is difficult with pitchers. There are so many eras out there. This list because of its components is skewed towards the former days. I considered all outings since 1890 so that Cy Young would be involved. In the 1880s some pitchers threw up to 650 innings in a year and really skewed things. But for simplicity sake, I chose Innings Pitched divided by WHIP minus 1 times 2. Boy that seems complicated doesn't it. Basically it measures longevity in innings pitched. Performance is measured by (WHIP - 1) * 2. This takes CY Young's WHIP of 1.13, turns it into .13, and then finally into .26. The times 2 part keeps some rarely used pitchers with good stats from sneaking too far up the ladder. I also limited this to pitcher with > 1500 innings pitched. Without that restriction, Mariano Rivera is the greatest pitcher ever (which you could argue for I guess). So without further ado, here is the list:

RankNameWinsW RankIPWHIPNew Stat
1Walter Johnson41725914.21.0648338
2Christy Mathewson37334780.21.0540543
3Cy Young51117354.21.1228322
4Pedro Martinez219632827.11.0525966
5Mordecai Brown239463172.11.0624083
6Pete Alexander373351901.1221411
7Tom Seaver311154782.21.1219755
8Eddie Plank326104495.21.1118891
9Don Sutton3241152821.1418525
10Greg Maddux35575008.11.1417492
11Juan Marichal243423507.11.1017328
12Babe Adams1941072995.11.0916257
13Fergie Jenkins284234500.21.1415851
14Gaylord Perry314145350.11.1814801
15Rube Waddell1931152961.11.1014521
16Roger Clemens35484916.21.1714237
17Robin Roberts286224688.21.1613809
18Warren Spahn36355243.21.1913465
19Chief Bender2127530171.1113385
20Catfish Hunter224553449.11.1312849
21Bert Blyleven2872149701.1912551
22Doc White18912130411.1212429
23Deacon Phillippe18912126071.1012402
24Randy Johnson303174135.11.1712077
25Curt Schilling2166832611.1311868
26Don Drysdale2098134321.1411616
27Kid Nichols36165056.11.2211372
28Jim Palmer2682839481.1810945
29Sandy Koufax1651772324.11.1010938
30Nolan Ryan3241153861.2410889
31Carl Hubbell253353590.11.1610814
32Steve Carlton32995217.11.2410566
33Jim Bunning224553760.11.1710505
34Eddie Cicotte208843223.11.1510369
35Bob Gibson251363884.11.1810320
36Dennis Eckersley197983285.21.1610204
37Jack Powell2454043891.2110127
38Phil Niekro318135404.11.2610078
39John Smoltz2137434731.179870
40Jack Chesbro198952896.21.159623
41Vic Willis2493739961.209538
42Sam Leever1941072660.21.149415
43Mike Mussina270263562.21.199292
44Ed Reulbach1821362632.11.149190
45Joe McGinnity246393441.11.189152
46Bret Saberhagen1671672562.21.149097
47Hoyt Wilhelm1432402254.11.129044
48Luis Tiant229523486.11.198769
49Jim Kaat283244530.11.258748
50Tommy John288204710.11.288328

The winners? Pedro Martinez and his 219 wins. Lots of people from the early days... Sandy Koufax and his short lived career.

The losers? Lefty Grove and his 1.28 WHIP. Tom Glavine and his 1.31 WHIP.

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