Friday, May 29, 2009

Feelin the Blues

We recently made a trip to a prime photo op location less than a mile from our apartment. Below are the best of the best:

Kimberlee and her Favorites



Now Buddy has something that he is always on the lookout for... clean clothes. Whenever we do the laundry, he finds the freshest pile and plants himself on it. This is him using a recent pile of clothing for a pillow.

Now, If you are going to be on my clean clothes, you had better be clean yourself. Therefore, it is bath time, the most feared time of all. Now in the past, I have treated you to Mollee's bath experience. This time, I will show you a glimpse of the 'Bud Man' in his deepest nightmare.

Since this past weekend was the World Beard Championships, here is a little treat:

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