Saturday, March 07, 2009

Starved for Attention

I had to get my camera out and capture the fun that our dogs bring to our lives.

This picture is Mollee trying to get my attention while I am studying by chewing on my chair.

Buddy is a fun dog to have. He seems genuinely happy and frankly excited just to be alive. So you can do all sorts of things to him and he is either clueless or too excited to care. Take today, when Kimberlee decided to put some Easter Bunny ears on him, this was his reaction.

Now Mollee being the spoiled little thing that she is deems silly things like this to be both pointless and humiliating. Therefore, she gives us the evil eye whenever we try to make her prissy.


III said...

I got those same rubber rings for my new 12-week-old puppy. She doesn't really like them that much. But every once in a while I get her riled up enough to where she'll play tug-of-war with them & chase them when I roll them down the hallway.

ozark_traveler said...

Buddy is defiantly the ham of the family. I think if he thought it would make ya’ll happy and bring even MORE attention to him, he would be willing to have them permanently attached.