Thursday, March 05, 2009

Outlines and Trenches

If you are like me, this title evokes thoughts of presentation summaries and World War 1 fighting strategies. But, these two words can adequately describe the current state of my house. The builder has put up form boards that will be used later on for the foundation. This is like having a chalk line of your house. It is pretty cool to see where it is going to go, but boy does it look small when you look at it. Kimberlee wanted me to double check that the builder wasn't skimming some of the square footage off. The familiar view across the street is now:

They have dug a bunch of trenches that will be used for pipes of various sorts. They have to get all of that done before the foundation is poured. Because of this pre-design, we should only have 1 hole in the foundation for all of the pipes to enter the house.

Current estimates are that we will have a good amount of the framing done by the end of the month!


III said...

It always always always looks smaller in real life than the way you imagine it when looking at the schematics

ozark_traveler said...

Nice start, on the foundation.
You might want the contractor to have his trench man go ahead and make you a few rows where the back yard is going to be.
After those first few electric bills it wouldn’t hurt to have some newly tilled ground for some home grow vegetables to save you a few bucks.