Saturday, October 25, 2008

Capturing Nature

Most people that I know are very proud of their photographic abilities. I am by no means an expert and I certainly don't have professional equipment. However, Kimberlee and I are quite proud of the picture below.

While on vacation, we visited the Daniel Stow Botanical Garden outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. This relatively new garden has plenty of room to grow. They have a special orchid conservatory that was housing hundreds of butterflies. Naturally, we tried to take a picture of every single one. First up, the butterflies...

Next up, the orchids!

And the rest of the garden...

Symetry... I love it!

The biggest wild spider that I have ever seen.

The weirdest flower that I know of.

The best scenery of the day!

This feels like a scene from The Secret Garden.

A water spout that shoots over a path? You bet I am all over that.

I am quite brave. Look how close I got to this bee.

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