Monday, July 14, 2008

Church Golf Scramble

Saturday a group of maybe 50 or so guys played in a scramble (best ball) at Sherrill Park Course 2. I had a blast. Playing with people who are fun to be around in general makes the day much more relaxing and enjoyable. This is my 3rd outing with this group and I can't wait for the next. Some highlights from our team:
  • Mark somehow teeing off with a 5-iron and hitting it 300 yards. Then his dad out-driving him...
  • Actually using my drives in the round. That is definitely a first.
  • Russell driving the ball through a parking lot and inadvertently cutting the dogleg left.
  • Me hitting a 3-wood recovery shot that barely skimmed a dune and somehow landed in perfect position.
  • Tom being the solid player that saved us several times.
  • Russell sticking his approach shot on 18 less than 2 feet from the pin. Thus clinching our solid 68.
  • The chocolate milkshake at Country Burger after being in 102 degree heat for 7 hours.

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