Thursday, January 03, 2008

The New Year is looking up

The sports world in Dallas is on an upswing right now. Bolstered by the return of the Cowboys, 2008 looks to be a good year.

With a first round bye, we are set to win our playoff game in years. This is by far our best team in quite some time and the offense will most likely explode in January. We have been beat up and injured in December and the extra week off should really boost our team. Look for Romo to keep showing off the ice water that runs through his veins. Look for Marion Barber to emerge as the running leader of this team and stiff arm the competition. And look for whichever receiver that the defense forgets to cover (TO, Terry Glenn, Jason Witten, or even Patrick Crayton) to become a local hero. Demarcus Ware is going to trounce the other team as well. To the right is our office mascot. The tortoise is an adaptation of the Marion Barber stiff arm. Because of course, that is what we do to the competition.

This has been a weird season for the boys so far. However, after listening to last night's trouncing of the Golden State Spoilers, I think they might be coming together finally. While not performing well, this team has stepped up for some big games and I think that Avery will have them playing quite fluidly come playoff time. Watch out for the Brandon Bass squad. If Dirk gets his head straight, this team could take off really quick.

Being a long term Rangers fan, I am excited about the next year. According to Baseball America we have improved our farm system from 28th to 4th in the league. That is a big jump. We no longer have to put all of our hopes in 2 or 3 prospects. This bodes well for the 2009 and 2010 seasons. Now I know that won't get most fans excited, but I am all about doing things the right way. I have lived through the era where we brought in every old has been that the league could offer. I am ready to have some home grown talent. Meanwhile, I think that the lineup that they will put out in Arlington will actually be decent. I think the outfield looks a lot better. The main concern as usual is pitching, but I am not over eager and ready to sell the farm for this year. So lets hope players like Taylor Teagarden and others develop further this year.


III said...

You know, there's more that happens in the world of sports outside of Dallas...

(rolls eyes...)

Jordan said...

I agree. But I am just talking about sports that people actually care about. People being me...