Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I figure that since the title of this blog includes the word Views, I had better add a few. Before the weather became too cold for afternoon strolls, I took my camera with me as I walked the local jogging trail. I also do this to highlight my oh so excellent and unprofessional camera. I have a Kodak EasyShare Camera and have taken close to 3,000 pictures with it. I have had camera store clerks scoff at it, but I still believe that it does a great job.

This was taken prior to the walk on my back porch. This plant of ours turns bright red in the fall.

Self Portrait - Reflection in the Creek

This was an experiment to see if I could capture a car going at least 45 miles per hour through a bridge railing.

Souring - How High Can You Fly?

Disgust... Disgrace... Disrespect


Dancing Lights

Depth Perception - Floating Leaves



I am In Charge


Vision - During the recent election, candidates were shown looking up in a way to signify leadership and vision. If I ever run for office, I will use this picture as a telling early sign of such traits.

Redundant Redundancy

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