Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome Back

Because of my schedule over the past month, I have been absent from blogging. Today I will describe my first trip to Detroit (for business).

The first thing I noticed about the city was the snow. Being from Dallas I have not seen that much snow in probably forever. It was snowing when I arrived, and 4 days later it was snowing when I left. I am going to guess that they got 8-10 inches while I was there. I also had no idea that 8 degrees was that much colder than 30 degrees. Boy was it ever and with wind added in, it was brutal for me. I arrived around 11 PM at the airport and the first thing that got my attention was what I thought was a disco at the bottom of our escalator. It turned out to be an extremely long moving sidewalk with constantly changing walls. It is hard to describe the way that the colors fluidly morphed, but here is a youtube video of it.

The city of Detroit has had a rough go of it lately. While I was there, the Axle Workers Union went on strike. The Silverdome is vacant. I saw no Chrysler vehicles driving into the Chrysler headquarters. My boss warned me to stay well above 12 mile. In spite all of that, the people that I interacted with me very friendly. I had some excellent local pizza. I even managed to stay warm some of the time.

If I ever go back, I hope that it is in the summer and that I get to see a Tigers game.

... also I hope that my father-in-law who admits to reading this blog occasionally heals fast from his broken toe.

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