Monday, February 04, 2008

Thoughts on the Super Bowl

  • ETrade baby wins the commercial race. I liked several. The ones that come to mind are the parade balloons going after the Coke, the What is Love head bounce commercial from Diet Pepsi Max, the Tide to Go shirt that talked, and the Coke Frist/Carville commercial. Bridgestone came close with their tires commercial. If they had run over Richard Simmons I would have put it in the top tier. Doritos dropped the ball. I remember them for their bad commercials...

  • I was blown away by the arms that the two quarterbacks have. In the 4th quarter they both accurately launched 70 yard throws. Amazing to see.

  • I swore up and down that the game was over when Eli got buried by linemen. I actually stood up to get my coat and take off from the party during that play. Totally blew me away that he pulled out a Romo on that one.

  • Tom Petty was really really good. And during the long drawn out 3rd quarter, we were all saying that we wished his set was longer.

  • We pulled a its not delivery, its Digiorno and it was great. We didn't have to wait for the overworked pizza guy. Combine that with chewy Chips Ahoy and I was set!

  • I don't know if you caught this moment, but we did. Peyton Manning jumps up and pumps his fists after his brother throws the game winner. A woman, I presume his wife, jumps up and down next to him and tries to hug or high five or whatever and he totally snubs her. She tries a couple times and he never even turns. That was a little awkward.

  • The morning show guys that I listen to for comedy on WBAP said to that they need to put Archie Manning out to pasture because they could get Barbaro like stud fees...

  • I don't buy the whole Belichick snub with 1 second left thing. Brady held my respect after the game with his classy interview. What a game.

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III said...

* Both those QB's are awesome. Great QB play takes you a long way.

* Also, both coaches were Parcells disciples.

* So Peyton Manning pulled a "Bonds?" How could we forget how Barry snubbed his first-born at home plate after 756?

* Brady=class
Belichick=(rhymes with class)