Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 Baseball Predictions

I figured that before the season actually starts I had better get my stuff in writing. That way if any of it actually comes true, I can point it out to you way too often. Playoff teams are in italics. Bold if they make it to the League Championship. In the end I pick Boston over St. Louis.

AL East

  1. 94-68 Boston Red Sox

  2. 92-70 New York Yankees

  3. 83-79 Toronto Blue Jays

  4. 70-92 Baltimore Orioles

  5. 66-96 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

AL Central

  1. 91-71 Cleveland Indians

  2. 87-75 Detroit Tigers

  3. 85-77 Chicago White Sox

  4. 81-81 Minnesota Twins

  5. 65-97 Kansas City Royals

AL West

  1. 90-72 Los Angeles Angels

  2. 86-76 Texas Rangers

  3. 83-79 Oakland Athletics

  4. 71-91 Seattle Mariners

NL East

  1. 94-68 Philadelphia Phillies

  2. 91-71 New York Mets

  3. 82-80 Atlanta Braves

  4. 73-89 Florida Marlins

  5. 62-100 Washington Nationals

NL Central

  1. 90-72 St. Louis Cardinals

  2. 86-76 Chicago Cubs

  3. 82-80 Houston Astros

  4. 77-85 Cincinnati Reds

  5. 73-89 Milwaukee Brewers

  6. 68-94 Pittsburgh Pirates

NL West

  1. 89-73 San Diego Padres

  2. 86-76 Los Angeles Dodgers

  3. 81-81 Colorado Rockies

  4. 77-85 San Francisco Giants

  5. 75-87 Arizona Diamondbacks


III said...

I'd say we disagree quite a bit. ;) A few things:

1.) I'd say that we do agree that the Washington Nationals are without a doubt the worst team in baseball. I feel bad that first-year skipper Manny Acta (the first Dominican manager in baseball) has such a mess to work with.

2.) I'm never picking against the Yankees until they are actually de-throned. Although they cannot afford to have pitchers sitting on the DL for months at a time this season as has been the case in season's past.

3.) Your such a Rangers homer ;)

Mad Rappin EW said...

I would say
AL East: 1.Yanks, 2.Bo-Sox
AL Central:1.Sox, 2.Indians, 3.Tigers
AL West: 1.Angels, 2.Rangers, 3.A's

NL East: 1.Mets, 2.Phillies, 3.Braves
NL Central:1.Cards, 2.Cubs, 3.Astros
NL West: 1.Dodgers, 2.Padres

Dodgers beat the Yanks in the World Series