Monday, November 27, 2006

Am I Outdated?

I am coming up on my 25th birthday soon and the question above is in my mind. I have crossed over into geezer status it seems in many ways. I remember how things were better back in the day and miss the old days. I was going to put links to things in my post, but then was daunted by the task.

My wife and I were in the car coming back from our Thanksgiving trip and both started belting out a song and suddenly realized that it came out when we were in junior high. We both have pretty much stopped liking new music. A month ago I was seriously considering an offer from an infomercial for a CD featuring Best of the 90s rock. I still think of grunge as a new movement, of Weezer as great band, and Nirvana as the rockin rebels of the age. Bands like Creed and STP that don't exist anymore are still in the new section of my media library.

It was 10 years ago that movie blockbusters such as Independence Day, Mission Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Space Jam, and Happy Gilmore debuted. Jurassic Park was a 1993 product while Home Alone kicked serious tail in 1990. I watched The Santa Clause 3 this past weekend with my in-laws and in the movie they did a flashback to the first film... 12 years ago! Tim Allen is still the coolest... isn't he?

I guess I know what my kids will be thinking some day. Why do we always watch Home Improvement seasons on DVD and then have mom put in her Law & Order shows. Why does he listen to the oldies station that plays Mariah Carey, Green Day, Boys II Men, Pearl Jam, Coolio, Savage Garden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Backstreet Boys, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Oh brother am I ever locked in.


III said...

YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE! I was talking with some mid-20's friends of mine last week that were saying the same thing. New music SUCKS! 90's music ROCKS!

However, the older TV shows are becoming dated. The clothes the characters wear on Seinfeld get funnier every year, as the Sports Guy also noted in an article a couple weeks ago. Plus, there's good stuff out there, like The Office and 24.

Even fashion is dated. I'm disappointed that cargo's aren't really in style anymore. I remember they were first coming in as I was in high school.

Ted said...

Time to get with the times old man! I'm with you on the music, but I think television has gotten better. That's not to say that Seinfeld won't live on for forever (because it will).

David Johnson said...

I also rebel against the new. Out of all the new songs that come out, I ended up liking maybe 10 of them last year, and I'll like less this year (with the exception of a couple of bands of which I'm a fan). My tastes were molded by the 80s and 90s; what can I say?

About TV, I don't have it. So I pretty much have only the memories of TV. I'm gonna say that from what I've seen, today's comedy is increasingly about putting people in the most painfully awkward of situations and dragging the awkwardness out as long as possible. I'm not laughing. Everybody told me that The 40 Year Old Virgin was hilarious, but I just thought it was painful (and not because of the vulgarity).

So here's to you, yesteryear. You were a good friend.